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It’s turning into bug week here on Life with Mommy. Today I’m thankful for Terminix. And I’m thankful that my bug phobia was finally good for something. If I hadn’t whined to Josh (not that I condone whining, but we all have our faults) about wanting the exterminator to come, who knows how long the nasty varmints would have gone unnoticed. And when we moved into our house four months ago it was termite free. The little varmints work fast. All that to say, our day turned out to be a little more exciting than I’d planned. And I’ve now seen termites in action–on our back steps. They’re also in the garage, so Josh’s man cave has some unwanted guests. The termites haven’t been around too long yet, so we don’t have to do any repairs, which is VERY good.

Meanwhile I feel like a Looney Tunes character with dollar signs for eyes and a big “Ka-Ching!” speech bubble floating over my head.  Everybody say it with me now: “Yay for home warranties and payment plans!”

Mama Bugga Bugga from "Dora the Explorer." This little creature is the reason why Emmeline thinks all bugs are the bee's knees.


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  1. And so the homeowner’s adventure begins. Owning a home is called an “investment” because if you didn’t own a home, you’d have investments. But it’s a great place to build memories. Embrace the adventure!


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