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Five for Friday

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Five cute things Emmie has done recently:

1. She karate kicks everything. She has a book where one of the characters karate kicks, so Emmie will walk all over the house hi-yaa-ing.

2. She has two new phrases: “What’chu doin?” and “Let’s get going!”

3. Yesterday I had a band-aid over an infected hangnail, and Emmie wanted me to take it off so she could see “Mommy’s owie.” I let her see it, and she matter of factly replied, “Mommy fall down.” That’s where all owies come from, apparently.

4. When she wants to hold Gareth, she’ll climb up in the rocking chair and put my Boppy around her middle.

5. She likes to get herself dressed, and the outfit combinations are always, shall we say, inventive. Yesterday she came out wearing an Osh-Kosh romper (a one piece outfit) with a pair of shorts underneath.

I told someone once that I like to write about my kids because the things they do are always so much more interesting and cute than the things I do. What about you, have you done anything cute lately?

See you Monday!


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  1. Yesterday I….um….
    Today I started to….never mind.
    I almost…… hmmm..
    No. Nothing cute over here.


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