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Because it’s hump day, because I have a to-do list a mile long, and because Gareth is probably growing (again!) and wants to spend the day snuggling and eating, let’s keep it simple today. What did people do before Google, Facebook, and WordPress if they had a question? Did they ask real people, face to face? Do you remember what it was like to have face to face conversations? I digress. Here is today’s question:

We’re approaching that point of no return where we’re going to have to potty train Emmeline. She’s getting more and more frustrated with diapers, and I think she’s ready to learn. What is your best potty training advice? Do you have any no-fail tricks that worked for your kid? Was there a particular method that worked for you? Or do you have a potty training horror story to share?


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  1. I think, before social media, I just called my mom if I had a question about something. Of course, we got Facebook in college, so it’s hard to remember a time before social media in my adult life. ;-P

    • So true. Do you remember learning how to use encyclopedias in school? And now thanks to the internet, they’re basically nonexistent. I wonder if our kiddos will even know what an encyclopedia is!

  2. I found that being able to pick out new ‘big girl’ panties worked with our girl. She was ready and didn’t want to get them dirty. Very few accidents.

    Another was a treat like an M&M each time they used the potty.

    Another took out and out bribery of a larger toy to finally get them to use the potty for #2.

    Key is “she is ready and frustrated with diapers”. I think she will do great and train quickly.


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