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Five observations from my first day back at work

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  1. As a fellow working mommy put it, “It’s like having an out of body experience.” You’re there, wearing nice clothes, going through the motions, but deep down you can’t figure out why you’re not in holey yoga pants and changing poopy diapers.
  2. Breastpumping is infinitely easier with one of these bad boys. Sorry if that made you squeamish, but for a nursing mommy, that thing is life-changing.
  3. Remembering how to do your job again is kind of like remembering how to ride a bike–a very rusty bike.
  4. It gets harder before it gets easier. You know the problem with making it through the first day back? You still have to go back the next day.
  5. The hardest part is not working, it’s coming home. The adjustment from one kid to two is a tough one, and returning to work feels like you’re making the same adjustment all over again. How do you fill up both of their love tanks in just a few short hours each evening? But God is gracious, and we’ll adjust as we did before. I’m resolved to give it two weeks before I give in to the feelings of hopelessness and incompetence.

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  1. So, so true! I love #1—I never could figure out how to put it into words, but that’s exactly what it feels like! Thanks for posting this, Katie. Even at day 498ish, I still need to hear it: God is gracious.

  2. What breast pump do you use/recommend? I have a manual single pump, but I’ve heard from nearly everyone that if you plan to express often, a double electric rented from the hospital is the only way to go. Is there a good brand you can buy at the store for less than $200 or do you recommend renting from the hospital, too?

    • Heather, I would only recommend renting from the hospital if you couldn’t breastfeed at all and planned to pump exclusively. Our birth doula, who is also a lactation consultant, would say that as well (she’s the one who gave us that advice in the first place!). Hospital rentals are pricey, so unless there are extenuating circumstances preventing Milo from nursing, I would say to purchase a good quality breastpump. Personally, I like the Ameda Purely Yours . It’s a closed system, which means unlike the Medela milk can’t get in the motor and therefore it’s a multi-user breastpump, so you can resell it when you’re through. It works well, and unlike the Medela you have the option to purchase JUST the breastpump (without the expensive carry all), and that only costs 140 on amazon. (You might need to purchase different sized phlanges to go with it. Take it from me and don’t use phlanges that are too small–ouch!) A friend of mine recommended the Ameda to me. It’s a hospital grade breastpump, and is actually the brand that Baptist hospital sells. Very well respected. It’s also one of the most popular breastpumps on It’s worked very well for me so far!


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