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Just another day in paradise.

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Yesterday Emmeline woke up before we left for work, so I took Gareth down with me to get her out of bed and say good morning to his sissy. When Emmeline saw Gareth, she said, “Come here Sissy. Big hug.” Then when we got upstairs, she refused to kiss her daddy good morning until he had kissed Gareth.

Emmeline ate beef the other night! Gives me hope that one day her palate will expand to include more than just peanut butter and jelly and pretzels. I’d like to thank my mother for roasting the beef, Josh for toasting the bread that I snuck it in on, and Yo Gabba Gabba for teaching Emmeline to sing, “I tried it, and now I like it!”

Josh and I have been pretty stressed lately. So much so that we’ve barely even spoken–even just to have a calendar conversation. So yesterday I drafted a text to send to Josh asking if he thought his family might just keep Emmeline overnight Friday, how I thought a semi-kid free evening would be good for us. Except I accidentally sent it to Heather instead. Long story short, now Heather and David are keeping both kids overnight. Good friends are such a blessing. And sometimes it pays to be an airhead. But now you know why I have a “no dirty texts” policy. Who knows who I’d end up propositioning.

I think tomorrow for our date, we’ll go grocery shopping at Sams. Before kids, going to the grocery store would never count as a date, now it’s very exciting when both of us get to go grocery shopping at the same time without having to wrangle little ones. Don’t think we’re too boring though–we have opera tickets for next Saturday! I love that I married someone who appreciates the finer things. He’s just as excited about seeing his first opera as I am about seeing mine. And guess who’s keeping the kids? You guessed it. We love that David and Heather love borrowing our kids.


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  1. Heather the great

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who likes, what the world calls “boring dates.” One of my favorites? Going to the book store-each of us grabbing a book, sitting together sipping overpriced coffee & reading books we won’t buy. So happy you and & Josh are getting some “couple” time. We love your kids and until God decides we need our own-we will happily love on yours. Excited to have an Emmie & Gareth sleepover! 🙂 we love you guys!

  2. So great to have good friends who know you well enough to know the best way to love and support you.

    You “no dirty texts” thing totally cracked me up! You are a great writer and I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!


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