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3 months old!

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Gareth is getting so big. He’s such a happy little guy; he lights up our world. Lately he’s been learning to laugh. He also likes to interact with Emmie more and more. If he’s crying, and she goes in there to talk to him, most of the time he’ll  calm down and listen to her. He’s still a snuggle bug. Loves to ride in the Ergo and loves to sit in anyone’s lap. And–as you can see–he loves to ham it up for the camera. Also, I think he’s been getting frustrated that he doesn’t need to eat as often (now that he’s getting bigger). He really likes nursing, and still wants to nurse every hour, but then he’s not hungry, and he gets annoyed. Poor little guy–growing up can be so tough sometimes. He’s still definitely a mommy’s boy. Of course, that’s only fair since Emmeline is such a daddy’s girl.


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  1. I love this picture. Such a handsome little guy.


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