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Cloth Diapering

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We’ve been cloth diapering for about a month now. I’ve learned a few things along the way. For starters, I know that if you blog at all, you must write a post about how you cloth diaper. The masses will read it and glean from your wisdom. That being said, there’s a lot of “wisdom” out there about the best way to cloth diaper. My weeks of research combined with about a month of personal experience has led me to the following conclusion: Each person who claims to love cloth diapering or refers to it as a hobby clearly has a petite little girl who barely tinkles or poops, not an oversized, wiggly, 9-month old boy with a jet stream in his pants. In our house, diaper changing isn’t a hobby; it’s a battlefield. I’ve also learned that since Gareth doesn’t have very much junk in his trunk (he gets that from his Mommy), a nice bulky cloth diaper helps keep his pants up. But why wear pants when you have on an adorable diaper cover? And the cute patterns are butts down the best part of cloth diapering.

The little fluffy-butt plays with Big Sissy's pearls.


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  1. we cloth diaper too (but use disposables when we’re at church or traveling). it hasn’t been a big deal for us…but we do have a little girl lol! does gareth wear cloth diapers overnight? zuzu always always always soaks through but i’ve had lots of people assure me that cloth diapers can be worn overnight…maybe she pees more at night…?

    • We tried cloth diapering Gareth at night (we got a couple of hemp doublers for that purpose), but even though he hadn’t soaked through his diaper completely he still woke up because he was wet and cold. So we’ve been doing disposables at night. The couple of times we tried it we put in a prefold and two hemp doublers. The first time he didn’t wake up but he had soaked through by the morning, and the second night he woke up after about 8 hours wanting to be changed. Of course the last couple of night he’s managed to soak (and poop) through his disposables, so I don’t know which is better. 🙂

  2. We too chose disposables at night. I found the best thing for cloth diapers were flushable diaper liners! I found these on clearance at some baby oriented store and it saved a lot of scrubbing time!!
    That was over 13 years ago so I have no idea if they are still made. Saved a lot of odor in the diaper pail too.

    • They do still make flushable liners. We tried them because they sounded wonderful. Turns out they just smushed his poop funny and made his diapers leak. It’s very possible I bought a wrong size or something, but we (and by “we” I really mean Josh) installed a sprayer on our toilet and now we just spray the poo off. It works pretty well!


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