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Being a One-Car Family

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We’ve never had a second car, mostly because it’s a luxury we can’t afford. This means that the kiddos and I generally stay home all day every day. In case you’re tempted to pity us, remember that outings get very complicated when you have to schedule them around naps. Of course, you could choose to throw the nap schedule out the window, but that generally results in 1) Gareth crying 2) Emmeline whining/baby-talking for attention and 3) Mommy exhausted and snapping at them. Mommy’s nap schedule is most important, she really can’t function without at least two hours a day of–oh wait; Mommy doesn’t take naps.

Because outings are difficult anyway, it’s usually not a big deal that we can’t go anywhere. And we’re blessed with a nice yard, so we just go outside when we’re feeling cooped up–and that generally happens every day about 30 minutes before Josh gets home.

One day a week Josh either takes the bus to work or we drive him in (depending on if the sleeping fairies have woken him up in time to make it to the bus stop). On those days we load up in the car for a marathon day of grocery shopping. We go to three or four different stores to try and get the best deals. It’s exhausting, the kids whine and cry for at least half of the trip, and Emmeline will spend the other half talking about how much she wants to go to the playground. I will then feel guilty for dragging them to all these different stores, and I’ll start to think, “Why can’t I just relax and be more fun? Who needs groceries, anway? We should just forget this and go to the park…”

Then reality sinks in and I realize I still have to drive to Sam’s Club to get baby formula.

Then we go home and try to eat lunch and nap in time to pick Josh up from work at 4:00. Thankfully I only go grocery shopping every couple of weeks, so on the off weeks I try to take the kids to library story time or the park. That’s the organized chaos we lovingly refer to as our system. But most days you’ll find us in our yard, where Emmeline digs the dirt and Gareth eats it. They’ve got a good thing going on.


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  1. I remember the routine well. We would pile all 4 of us in our one vehicle, a Ford truck w/ stick shift, drive all the way from Northwest Houston to Pasadena, which is southeast of Houston, for a day at Miss Sunny’s ballet & gym classes for Jaimee & Michael Scott in Katy – WEST of Houston. Then the library and the park if we could, then back to Pasadena to pick up Dad at 5:00. It was a crazy day, my kids were older than yours are at the moment but this is where our family got to know your family: at Miss Sunny’s! Jaimee & Kyle and Michael Scott don’t remember knowing each other back then. I’ve got pix of all of you at Miss Sunny’s to prove it. Jaimee & Kyle only remember each other since high school. And lo & behold all these years later, they will be celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary in just a couple of weeks! Kinda cool looking back. 🙂


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