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Preaching the Gospel to a Toddler, Part 2

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We were reading Where the Wild Things Are and talking about how Max’s mommy and daddy loved him most of all. Thinking this was a good opportunity to talk about God’s love for us, I started trying to have a teaching moment with Emmie. I was of course very proud of myself for being so spiritual.

Mommy: Emmie, do you know there is someone who loves us even more than Mommy and Daddy?
Emmie: Yeah?
Mommy: Yes, Someone who loves us the most of all. Do you know who it is?
Emmie: Grandmommy!

We’ll keep working on it. Apparently I needed to be humbled more than she needed to talk about eternal things.


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  1. heather the great

    Great post…love reading them!

  2. I literally laughed out loud reading this. So funny! Emmie is so precious!


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