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Irish Drinking Songs, Part 2

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I’m on a roll after yesterday’s parody of “The Rattlin’ Bog.” One of Gareth’s favorite songs is “Whiskey in the Jar.” I find it humorously ironic that my one-year-old laughs and headbangs every time he hears it. I’d probably also think it was a little bit awesome if he learned the  words and started singing along, but I understand that the rest of society may not appreciate a one-year-old singing about whiskey. So I thought it was time to make the song more family friendly. As with any song parody, we all know it’s more fun if you’ve heard the original, so here’s a recording for you:

And here’s my version:

Goldfish in the Car
A Formerly Traditional Irish Melody

As I was getting showered in the leaky, moldy bathroom
I met with little Emmie, and her bottom she was scratchin’
So I wrapped up in a towel and then took off her diaper
Sayin’: Emmie, this is stinky; won’t you put it in the potty?

Chorus: Where’s my phone and my purse and my keys?
Hey kids, it’s time to go,
Hey kids, it’s time to go. There’s goldfish in the car

Gareth woke up cryin’, and Emmie whined for breakfast
I poured them of bowls of cereal, and they dumped them on the hardwood
I let the doggy eat it, and I swept up what she didn’t
But the devil take the morning ’cause it never will go easy

I went in to my bedroom all for to find clean panties
I dreamed of peace and quiet, of which I could use plenty
But Gareth stole a dolly, and Emmie slapped her brother
I text messaged their daddy, and I told him of the slaughter

As I packed the diaper bags, it surely did astound me
I’d forgotten about Gareth, and he’d nothing on his body
So I looked for some pajamas, for he’d outgrown all his clothing
I found him in the kitchen, and a dog bone he was gnawing

Emmie’d gotten dressed in a princess dress and rainboots.
She looked pretty happy, so I didn’t try to fight her.
But her hair was all in tangles, so I started brushing slowly
Still she started cryin’, said I’d given her an owie.

Is there anyone can aide me? Hubby, can you come home early?
But he can’t take vacation every time we have an errand.
When he’s home we’re saner and the kids don’t fight as often
And he always treats me better than our darlin’, little offspring

Now some moms take delight in the schedulin’ and schoolin’
And others take delight in their double strollers rollin’
But me, I take delight in the cuddles of my babies
When they’re cryin’ for their mommy in the mornin’ bright and early


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  1. Not being familliar with the song it was easier to ‘hear’ it after listening tot he recording. Now get some other mamas to sing wit ya and recard it so we c’n hare it! Makin shur you purnownse wit a clare acksent. Will go viral!!

    • We have enough musical talent in our family; surely I can find a few industrious young souls to record it for me! I’ll be sure and post it here when they do.

  2. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the good, hearty laugh!


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