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Where’s the Poop, Robin?

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I’m pretty sure that’s a joke only my husband gets. Oh well. So much for keeping it mainstream.

I started out trying to write a post about what we’ve been up to, and all I could think was “Poop, poop, poop, diapers, diapers, poop.” Motherhood is a pretty crappy job (har har har). Please forgive me for using a pun. I’ll try not to let it happen again. Seriously, it’s the greatest job there is, but there’s still a lot of poop involved.

I won’t give you the rundown of who’s wearing what brand of diaper and who’s putting their ones and twos where and at what times of day. I know it bores everyone but me, and only me because I’m their mother, I love them, and I’ve spent so much time around them that I’m starting to forget what grownups talk about. Y’all don’t talk about poop, right?

Here’s what we’re doing when we’re not wiping our own or someone else’s bottom:

1. Making block towers. Gareth used to just knock them down, but he’s slowly starting to figure out how to stack them. Exciting times in the play room!

2. Doing “cooking crafts.” Emmeline and I agree this is the best kind of craft. And also, because I don’t own any real craft supplies, I’ve convinced Emmeline that cooking is a craft too. I come off looking like a fun mom, and we all get snacks to eat. Win win!

3. Taking turns with the Scoop and Pour Tugboat. All other bath toys have been relegated to the side as this is the newest toy and therefore the coolest. So we are learning to share it–at least until I lose my marbles and just. buy. another. dang. toy. boat. Pray for patience–the USS Scoop and Pour could really use some.

4. Watching Gareth take one…two…steps and then falling on his hiney. He gets tired of trying to walk. Crawling is faster.

5. Reading stories.

6. Watching cartoons.

7. Having tea parties.

8. Taking Tweedle’s toys out of Gareth’s mouth and taking Gareth’s toys out of Tweedle’s mouth. One day I will just let them swap playthings and they’ll both be happy.

9. Having rock band. Gareth got a set of rhythm instruments for his birthday. Emmeline counts us off, “1, 2, 3 ROCK!” and we all start shaking our instruments. Emmeline gets the drums because she’s the resident Diva-Princess, Gareth gets the eggs because he likes to have one instrument for each hand, and I usually get stuck with the tambourine. Tambourines are to picking rhythm instruments what slow kids are to choosing baseball teams. Poor suckers always get picked last. Seriously, does anyone dream about being a tambourine player when they grow up?

10. There’s also been plenty of laundry, dishes, sweeping, cooking, and grocery shopping as usual. It’s another normal, crazy week over here at the Krebs’ house.


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