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Happy Friday!

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I for one, am excited it’s the weekend because I’m going out tonight. I can’t wait to catch up with a college friend over dinner. Going out also means I have a reason to take a real shower and fix my hair, which is very exciting. Of course, that’s dependent on Emmeline actually taking her nap, which looks iffy right now.

While the rest of the world was bullying each other about chicken, I found a few good blog posts about motherhood I thought I’d share. Girl Talk is doing a series on the mother’s role and avoiding distractions online. You know, distractions kind of like this blog post I’m writing right now. Apparently I enjoyed the series but not enough to be too convicted by it. You can read the series here: Girl Talk Blog.

I also enjoyed reading Jim Hamilton’s “A Biblical Theology of Motherhood” which you can find here: A Biblical Theology of Motherhood

Here’s a taste of Hamilton’s article:

If the woman does not become a mother, the serpent will not have his head crushed. God’s justice against the woman, pain in childbearing (Gen 3:16), makes triumph difficult but not impossible. Motherhood makes the world’s salvation possible. Indeed, the world’s salvation will only come through motherhood. 

This side of the curses narrated in Genesis 3:14-19, motherhood is a mercy. Promised to none, none deserve it; none have earned it. None can justly expect or demand to experience it. Death was deserved, and God upheld justice but also extended the mercy of motherhood. Motherhood is a sacred privilege granted by God’s good pleasure. 

And now since it seems my little blessings are finally asleep, it’s time for that shower.


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  1. thanks for the link–i read a few posts on that series, great and Convicting stuff!

    • Very convicting! I actually stopped reading it for a while because I didn’t like all the conviction. That works, right? If I ignore the problem it’s not a problem. 😉


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