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Turns out this last couple of months I’ve been having a bad reaction to my allergy medicine, and the more it built up in my system, the worse the reaction became. I am now adding Zyrtec to my list of things never to put in my body again. But I’m just glad it wasn’t the diet cokes making me sick like I thought it was. I’ll have to go back and correct Emmeline, who, after overhearing a conversation between Josh and I the other day, had learned to say, “Aspartame is bad for you. Aspartame makes you sick.” And for the record, I didn’t know she was listening to that conversation; I’m not trying to raise another member of the artificial-sweetener police.

I took Emmie to a puppet show and she got to be the volunteer up on stage. She was very cute and serious. That’s my little oldest daughter the perfectionist. She didn’t smile once; she was concentrating so hard on jumping over the candlestick at the right time. She did a great job and loved it when everyone clapped for her. Emmeline the performer.  Emmeline has a huge vocabulary, and we love hearing her say things that are way beyond her years. She gives kisses and cuddles when someone doesn’t feel well and she loves reading Charlotte’s Web with me, which makes me happy because it’s my favorite book. She even named her stuffed pig “Gilver” because that’s what she thinks Wilbur’s name is in the book. She takes her “Gilver” everywhere and makes sure he eats his breakfast all gone and takes his naps. She also saves him from the Gareth-giant who terrorizes the house from time to time.

Gareth gives lots of hugs these days–mostly to his mommy and to pretty little girls because he’s a flirt. But when it comes to vocabulary Josh wins the prize. Gareth loves to say “Daddy!” whereas I rarely even get a “MA!” anymore. Gareth imitates Josh all the time and toddles around everywhere, but he looks less like a little drunken sailor with each day. He loves riding toys more than Emmeline ever did. We finally lowered the seat on her balance bike so Gareth could use it because Emmie has zero interest in it. Emmeline is a perfectionist like me and doesn’t want to do anything she can’t excel at, whereas Gareth will happily fall on his bum over and over if it means he gets to play with his own set of wheels.

Tweedle has a fenced backyard now and she’s a much happier dog now that she can run around and explore. Except she still spends most of her time napping by the back door. People ask us, “So is she an outside dog now?” She’s a puppy with a lot of energy and we all–Tweedle included–get very frustrated when she is in the house because she has to be sweet and quiet and not jump on people. Plus having her outside gives the kiddos and me an excuse to go outside and play. I let her in for a few minutes each night to eat Gareth’s leftovers off the floor, and overall everyone is happy with the arrangement–especially Tweedle, who is getting fat off of spaghetti noodles and cheerios.

And Josh? He works full time, has a family, and is in his last year of grad school. So basically he never sleeps. But he graduates in the spring so we’re very optimistic that he will get to take a nap sometime next April or May.


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  1. Heather, who else?

    Love it. Im a horrible friend who is too absorbed in the money pit house, work and various other family things that I have not made more Katie / Heather time. I had no idea the fence was finished. We have to have your people call my people and schedule a night out to catch up.

    Your blog always makes me smile. I read it as soon as I see it posted.

    • You’re not a horrible friend! We’ve both had a lot preoccupying us lately. Technically the fence is *mostly* finished, but it’s finished enough that Tweedle can run around.


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