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In which Emmeline is convinced her world is ending

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We’ve all been sick this week except for Emmeline. Don’t worry, she’s kept us busy by needing stitches and getting into a jar of Icy Hot. But even Josh has been home sick for the last couple of days. His boss finally told him, “Josh, stop coming to work when you have a fever!” This morning I took Gareth to the doctor to make sure the little guy was holding up OK. Here’s how the conversation went with Emmeline this morning when I told her where Gareth and I were going.

(Emmeline wanders into our bedroom)

Me: Good morning, Emmeline.
Emmie: No, I want to snuggle with Daddy!

(Emmie crawls up on the bed)

Me: Emmie, I’m taking Gareth to see Dr. Chris this morning so Dr. Chris can give him some medicine to make him feel better.
Emmie (bursts into tears): But we have medicine! You don’t need to go to Dr. Chris!
Josh: Emmie, Dr. Chris has special medicine.
Emmie (still in tears): But Mommy, Daddy is sick! And you will go and go and you won’t come back tomorrow or tomorrow!
Me: Emmie, I’ll be home by lunch.
Josh (trying to appease Emmie): Emmie, do you want me to go to your room and turn on a movie for you?
Emmie (cries even harder): But I don’t watch movies in my room in the morning!
Me (whispering to Josh): In the morning we watch PBS in the living room.
Emmie: Yeah, Daddy! I’m supposed to watch PBS!

Poor Josh could not win. And poor Emmie was convinced her Daddy would not be able to handle things alone today. I wonder how she’ll react tomorrow when she finds out I’m going on an overnight trip. Maybe I should have some candy ready to soften the blow.


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