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Num-Num Sauce

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So named because it makes Gareth say “num num num num” and because I think it’s catchier than “Apple-Carrot-Pear Sauce.” I adapted this from Elise’s applesauce recipe on Simply Recipes. This recipe brings up a good question: Do you prefer to hide your kids veggies in foods they already like (like carrots in applesauce) or are you of the opinion that kids should learn to love veggies for veggies’ sakes? We end up doing a mix in our house. When it comes to scary vegetables (like carrots or bell peppers), the only way our kiddos will eat them is if we sneak them in.

Note: I don’t peel my apples and pears because we have a food mill, which separates out the peels for me, and I like to have the extra flavor and vitamins from the peels. If you’re not using a food mill, then make sure you peel your fruits first.

  • 4 lbs of cored and cubed apples. (Make sure you use a good cooking apple like Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Fuji, Jonathan, Mcintosh, or Gravenstein.)
  • 4 lbs of cored and cubed pears
  • 4-6 peeled and sliced carrots
  • Strips of lemon peel from two lemons – use a vegetable peeler
  • Juice of two lemons, about 6-8 Tbsp
  • Two cinnamon stick (about 6 inches worth)
  • 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar
  • up to 1/2 cup of white sugar (to taste depending on how sweet you want it)
  • 2 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt


1. Put all ingredients into a huge pot. Cover. Bring to boil. Lower heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes.

2. Remove from heat. Remove cinnamon sticks and lemon peels. Mash with potato masher or grind with a food mill. If you wanted it really smooth, say to feed to a baby, then you’d probably want to puree it with a blender or food processor.

Ready to serve, either hot or refrigerated.

Freezes easily, lasts up to one year in a cold freezer. Makes about 4 quarts.


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