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Josh: “Katie, you know that issue of Life Matters you wrote for just came out, and you put your blog address in your bio. You should probably write something.”

Me: “Blerg.”

I completely on purpose ignored my blog during Christmas time. I have wonderful childhood memories of Christmas being a magical, fun time filled with cookies, carols, and clay-mation (Hi, Rudolph!). But I learned that when you’re a mommy trying to make Christmas magical and fun for your kiddos, December is exhausting–blessed and magical, but exhausting nonetheless. I have a new found appreciation for my mother and for the month of January. The little squirts and I made cookies, read through half of our advent devotional (Christmas 2013 might be our year!), fashioned crafts out of construction paper and glitter, and watched lots of schmaltzy, feel-good Hallmark movies. Emmie got to visit Santa. It’s hard to convince her he’s pretend when she still believes Tinkerbell is real. With great trepidation, Gareth accepted a candy cane from Santa. The jolly old elf doesn’t have to be Gareth’s thing. We didn’t even intend to do Santa with Emmeline, but I like Christmas movies too much, so there was no avoiding him.

For my New Year’s resolution I decided I was going to read food labels, because I read a study that said on average, people who read nutrition labels weigh 10 pounds less than those who don’t. Reading sounds a heck of a lot easier to me than diet and exercise.

Also Bethany Krebs became Bethany Wright, and the Krebs added another family member. But the Wrights have known the Krebs for years, so I’m pretty sure Benjamin’s initiation was easier than mine. Don’t be ridiculous. The Krebs don’t initiate new family members…at least not that we’re allowed to discuss with the public.


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  1. I didn’t realize that “reading food labels” was a form of diet and exercise……… Love, Mawmaw

  2. SHHH!! Not allowed to disclose the initiation rights. Seriously, they are a very quiet family even with 5 boys, compared to our craziness, so they did have years to get used to us. Not quite as overwhelming!! But you have graciously born with all the noise, displays of affection, and craziness of our family! And you have really added your own brand of crazy humor that we love. I wish I was naturally as funny as you are.!


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