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Boys vs. Girls

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Josh has been under the weather this week. On Monday, when he felt his worst, both the kids wanted to take care of Daddy. Emmeline walked in, gave him hugs and kisses, and brought him treats. Gareth walked in, brought a book with him, and sat down at the foot of the bed.

The kids played with cloud dough today (8 parts flour 1 part oil). Emmeline pretended to bake “the best stew ever” with her tub of dough…and Gareth just tried to eat his. I can envision his kindergarten report card: paste eater. They both ended up throwing it on the floor. Gareth threw his sooner, but Emmeline threw more.

Cloud dough021

Yesterday Gareth ran around the sunroom completely naked, eventually sitting down to read his Tanks book. Emmeline asked for a ponytail then threw a hissy fit and yanked it out when it wasn’t perfect. Frizzball.

yesterday 017


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