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Life with Toddlers

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What I’d like to do today: Spend all day reading my book and playing the video game Josh bought for me. 

What I should do today: Catch up on laundry and dishes and clean the bathroom which is starting to look like it belongs in a bachelor pad. 

What I’ll end up doing instead: Kissing boo-boos, tickling tummies, taking things away and saying, “If you don’t know what it is and it doesn’t belong to you then it’s probably not something you should play with.” Also refereeing sibling fights, changing diapers, chasing Gareth, and telling Emmeline and Gareth about a million times to share and take turns. 

They’re sweet–exhausting, but sweet.  


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  1. Welcome to motherhood. You are doing great. Love, Mawmaw

  2. Exhausting & Sweet…a good kind of tired. And, worth every minute. Mawmaw is right…you ARE doing a great job Katie!


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