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Another three bite the dust

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Josh got sick a couple of weeks ago. He was pretty miserable. We all felt kind of miserable, but I thought we’d avoided the worst of it and had put viruses and fevers behind us. Then yesterday Gareth woke up with a 101 degree fever. Turns out he has ear infections in both ears. Then last night Emmeline lost her voice. Have you ever tried explaining vocal rest to a spirited 3-year-old? I don’t recommend it. This morning I woke up feeling like my head was going to implode. I guess we’re not through with nasty winter crud yet. Emmeline cried, “Mommy, I hate my snot!” Gareth just cried. Surprisingly though, in spite of everything, the kids and I actually had a pretty good day together. Maybe we were all just too miserable to get upset at each other. I did learn today that Emmeline wants a Twilight Sparkle birthday party (her birthday isn’t until May; she’s just getting a head start) with a Twilight Sparkle cake (please tell me where to get one of those) and she wants Twilight Sparkle roller skates (I don’t think those are actually a thing). She’s inviting her Daddy to her birthday party. And I think possibly her aunts and her cousin Abigail. But I wasn’t on the guest list. Maybe she figures I won’t be able to come because I’ll be too busy trying to track down Twilight Sparkle everything. 


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