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I’m posting from my phone while the kids play at a park we found close to our house. They get so much of my attention, it’s nice to be able to go somewhere they can play without wanting me to watch them the entire time. At home if I ignore them something usually gets destroyed (or someone gets bit). Here they’re happy, and I’m happy. It’s a win-win.




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  1. Kelly Mikhailiuk

    Yes! Playground + nice weather = lots of happiness all ’round and (at least at my house) kids who sleep better afterward. Is this the park on Blue Hole Rd.? We should meet there sometime and let the kids entertain themselves/wear themselves out together!

    • Yes it’s the one on Blue Hole Rd at the community center. They have nice bathrooms too, which is a plus. We do need to meet there since it’s SO close to both of us.


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