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Josh gets his Masters degree tomorrow. I’m incredibly proud of all his hard work. He’s got a few prematurely grey hairs, some stress-induced high blood pressure, and more sleep deprivation than he could ever catch up on, but now he has a postgraduate degree to go with all of it!

The scary part (for me, at least) is that he’s probably not done with school yet. For a while, it looked like he’d want to be done after this, but He’s always dreamed about getting his PhD. This means GREs, application fees, and if the world of academia knows what’s good for itself, hopefully a fully funded doctoral program that could potentially move us out of state.

I told Josh thinking about the possibility of moving to do more school makes me feel scared-but-excited-and-nervous-but-I-don’t want-to-overthink-it-and-count-my-chickens-before-they-hatch-but-I-also-want-to-prepare-my-heart-for-the-possibility-of-leaving-my-friends-and-family-and-home-and-maybe-even-our-beloved-dog.

When we got engaged people often asked us why we didn’t want to wait until we were through with school to get married. I told them Josh would probably never be through with school, so if we waited we might never get married. I still stand by that. Lately I feel like the Lord has been trying to get it through my head that we are probably going to be in the “poor college student” phase of life for a while yet, so I better get used to it and stop coveting HGTV homes and expensive beach vacations.

Honestly though, as exhausting as it all is, when I listen to him talk excitedly about whatever theoretical, philosophical, psychological thing he’s reading and how he wants to change the world (or at least a little corner of it), I’m thankful I get to be married to this hardworking, godly, genius of a man.

I would mention our two very adorable kids and what a blessing they are, but I feel like I’ve gushed too much already. Everyone in this house has a very large ego, and if I’m not careful and I compliment them too much their brilliant minds might explode.


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  1. a lot of people thought bryan and i were crazy for getting married while still in school too; honestly, i wish we’d gotten married even sooner, it’s just better to go through that stuff and all that growing with someone by your side. or at least i think so =)

  2. Mawmaw (Connie)

    I’m reading your blog through misty eyes, Katie. Congratulations to Josh for all his hard work and congratulations, Katie, for all the support you have provided him during his academia struggles. It’s a team effort–the two of you and your Godly foundation. Misty eyes, yes. I’m thinking of a proud wife, two wonderful children almost four and two, and all his family. I’m remembering another graduation in 1969… when your pawpaw received his electronics engineering degree with a cheering section of a very proud wife and two adorable children ages six and four. I know what it takes and you don’t do it in a vaccum.
    Love you all so very much. Mawmaw

    • I love you! It’s such a blessing to have a grandmother who is so encouraging and who loves to share her story. Your misty eyes are much appreciated.

  3. Congratulations to all of you! We married at ages 24 and 25 after three years of Glenn’s seven-year Ph.D. program, then went to a two-year post-doc four states away (but at least a well-paying one!), then a four-year post-doc another several states away, and then the first permanent job (U.U.). We did not buy our first home until we were 35 years old, had been married over ten years, and had three children. It wasn’t easy through those years, but I cannot see what real good would have come of waiting. So keep your chin up and know you’re adding to your fund of hardship stories to impress your children and grandchildren with one day. 🙂


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