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Emmeline’s 4th birthday

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Squishy little newborn Emmeline


My big girl–Easter 2013

Yesterday Gareth acted sick all day. We blamed it on the weather. Today we all woke up feeling kinda icky. It could probably be chalked up to getting busy and forgetting to drink water yesterday (ruh-roh), but we cancelled Emmie’s birthday pictures just in case. She was, of course, in tears. And then she was in tears when I told her we’d have to wait to make a birthday cake together. There should be a rule against showing any symptoms of illness on your birthday. No fun. As a consolation prize, we rented the newest Barbie movie, “The Pink Shoes.” It was a big hit with both my shoe-loving children. Gareth kept looking at me and saying, “Uh-oh! Shoes!”

For the record, the top words in Gareth’s vocabulary are as follows:

1. Shoes

2. Juice

3. Chew (what he calls food)

4. and Oo-oo (trains)

So at any given moment we’re not sure if he’s in need of food, drink, fashion accessories, or choo-choo trains.

But back to his big sister–she has grown into such a sweet, sensitive, brilliant girl. She talks all the time. She has big emotions about little things. And today in the car (Whether the kids were sick or just faking it, great Craigslist deals wait for no toddler) we had this conversation:

“Mommy, the clouds are blocking out the sun.”

“And how does that make you feel?”

“Umm…it makes me feel…it makes me feel…nervous.”

“Are you nervous because you think there might be a storm?”

“Yeah. I don’t like big storms. They’re really scary!”

“You know what I think about when there’s a thunderstorm? I think about how God made the thunder. God is bigger and stronger than the thunder, and God loves me and you and Gareth and Daddy. Isn’t it great that such a big, strong, God loves us and wants to protect us?”

“Yeah! And when there’s a thunderstorm I think that God is stronger than the thunder and He can push it away!”

She loves to read, talk about Jesus, play dress-up, and shove her brother’s head into the wall/floor/her fist. She recently figured out, as she put it, “Mommy and Daddy have a LOT of brothers and sisters, and I only have one!” And ever since she learned that, she’s been feeling cheated on the sibling front.

She’s extremely stubborn, and she and I drive each other crazy at least 100 times a day. She also loves to do “big girl” things like having “asponsabilities.” But she will frequently decide that babies get away with more, therefore she should be a baby, therefore she should stop peeing in the potty/talking with real words/obeying her parents. We had a serious talk about this recently and I told her some of the things babies don’t get to do–like go to the Adventure Science Museum. That scared her back into pee-peeing in the potty.

She’s a treasure, and for good or ill, every day with her is an adventure. We love this little girl who made us parents.

Happy birthday, Emmie!


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  1. She is a very precious little girl! My friend Janet and I were amazed at her manners when we were there a couple of weeks ago. You guys are doing a great job as parents.

  2. Beautiful picture, by the way!


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