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I’m not even going to apologize for the embarrassingly long amount of time that has passed since I last wrote anything. I’ve been too busy being a mommy to write. Josh has been re-doing the bathroom (a one week project is stretching into 2+ weeks, but it will be beautiful when it’s done), and we had Grandmommy come visit last week. There’s nothing like having your mom all to yourself for a week to remind you how much you like having your mom around. We all miss her, but we made lots of good memories.

The kids are…well, they’re developmentally normal. Emmeline likes to be in charge all the time, and Gareth likes to scream and say “NO!” a lot. But here’s some of the adorable things they’ve done recently:

1. Emmeline is very emotionally intelligent. We were looking at a painting of an old man sitting by a fireplace, hunched over in a chair and holding a cane, and I asked Emmie if she thought he looked tired. She answered, “No, Mommy, I think he looks sad and lonely.”

2. Gareth was throwing a temper tantrum, and in a display of anger (he’s my dramatic child), he grabbed all of the pieces from the puzzle he’d been playing with and threw them, one by one, onto the floor. Then when he realized no one had been paying attention to his little fit, he quietly and calmly proceeded to pick up all the pieces and put them back in the puzzle.

Josh is seeing a zombie movie with a friend tonight because apparently the pleasure of my company isn’t enough for him, and he needs some guy time. Oh well. I’m eating all the Jeni’s ice cream without him. (That was a treat from my mom. Thanks, Mom!)

Speaking of Jeni’s ice cream, I wonder if I could get people to bring me a pint from Jeni’s every time they come to visit me.

I tried watching Broadcast News because Rashida Jones said it was her favorite movie in an Entertainment Weekly article, but I got 30 minutes in and realized it was boring. I need to find another chick flick to watch fast, before Josh gets home.


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  1. This is really embarrassing, but I watched “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” the other night when Tyson was gone (he’ll watch most chick flicks with me, but I knew that was one I wouldn’t be able to sell) and I was expecting it to be terrible (why I then wasted my time with it is unknown…) but I was actually surprised by it. Granted, it’s cheesy and poorly written…but I actually thought the acting was pretty good and I was impressed by how many different perspectives of motherhood were represented in the movie. I figured it would be an obnoxious movie – three best friends all get pregnant at the same time or something – but it was one of those movies with unrelated story lines about different women going through different stages of motherhood (miscarriage/loss, infertility, adoption, pregnancy). There were definitely some dumb moments (mainly the scenes involving the “dads club”) but overall I was rather touched by the whole thing. Maybe it was just my own run-amuck pregnancy hormones, though. I thought I’d at least throw it out as a chick flick “recommendation” (if it can even be called a recommendation with that many caveats…).

    P.S. Jeni’s is SO good! Brambleberry crunch all the way…

  2. Heather–This is why we’re friends. 🙂 I watched that movie a month or two ago while I was sick. I expected it to be terrible too, but ended up enjoying it. I just figured I liked it because I was sick and would watch anything. Ha! It did have some sweet moments in it.

  3. And don’t forget that your sweet daughter introduces herself to complete strangers: “Hi! I’m Emmeline!” And “Grandmommy you always have time for me.” She’s got that right!


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