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Life in the Trenches

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“Emmeline, stop screaming. It’s not the end of the world.”

“Emmeline, if you don’t share, no one will want to be your friend.” 

“Gareth, we don’t crash people; we only crash walls.” 

“Gareth, no climbing on Sissy’s fort.” 

“Emmeline, Gareth doesn’t understand your game. He’s just trying to play with you; he’s not trying to be mean.”

I love how simple daily correction is such a strong illustration of the differences between boys and girls. 


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  1. Mawmaw (Connie)

    Your blog is just a reminder that we all live in the trenches, regardless of our age. The only difference between you and me (besides the forty plus years) is that the people that you had given daily correction to are now much older and on their own and daily correction is not appropriate. Love, Mawmaw


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