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A Gareth-English dictionary

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Gareth will be 2 on Saturday! I can’t believe it. He’s joyful, strong-willed, charming, and full of personality. I thought over the next couple of days it might be fun to do a series of posts about our sweet little buddy.

Gareth’s words

  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Sissy
  • ball!
  • oo-oo (trains)
  • ee-ee (trucks — because of the noise big trucks make when they’re backing up)
  • lellow (yellow. Only this doesn’t refer to the color, but to sugary sweets like fruit snacks and popsicles. I don’t know why.)
  • ‘ock now! (rock me now.)
  • in tee-tees! (a joyous exclamation of his own nakedness.)
  • boat! (can refer to either boats or boots. Again, don’t ask me why.)
  • pho’ (not the vietnamese food, but phones. Anything with a button on it is a pretend phone, and he will happily chat away. He’s usually talking to his Pop about Pop’s boat.)
  • iney (his blankie.)
  • juice
  • shoes
  • caw wide! (car ride. Whenever I have to make a quick run to the store for something, he goes with me. We love these little dates together.)
  • ‘ide? (can we play outside?)
  • doo, nah, doh! (two, one, go! — a count down, usually to some kind of crash)
  • ‘ay… (Okay. Usually said with a tone of sad resignation, because Mommy has outlasted him and he didn’t get whatever he wanted.)
  • Eww! (self-explanatory. Usually referring to a poopy diaper.)
  • ho’ (not a garden tool or a lady of ill-repute, but “home.” If Gareth feels like his Mommy and Daddy are being unreasonable about something, he’ll often demand that we go home.)
  • go! (He usually says this when I’m trying to put him to bed and he wants Daddy instead.)
  • out! (He’s been known to try and put Mommy in time-out before. In the church nursery I dared to hold another baby, and he felt I needed to be punished for that.)

And that’s just about every word in his vocabulary right now, although he loves to imitate new words. Yesterday I caught him trying to say “regular,” and it came out sounding kind of like “eh-loo-law.”


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