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I love baking. As far as hobbies go, I think it’s one of the best ones because you get yummy treats to eat and share. Also, everyone wants to be your friend when you’re sharing layer cake. But I have a particular love for bread baking, and here’s why:

  1. It’s a good outlet for anger. Ever kneaded bread dough by hand? We’re talking about 20 minutes of punching, pushing, stretching, and pulling. I like to pretend the dough is the face of whoever is making me mad that day (probably Josh or the kids).
  2. It leaves me alone with my thoughts. OK, when I’m kneading dough (which I prefer to do by hand), I don’t spend the entire time stewing over names on my bad list. It’s time I can think, pray, and worry without distraction.
  3. It takes patience. It’s not something you whip up when you have a spare half hour. It means an entire afternoon at home, where you spend much of your time waiting. Bread must be cultivated, and the delayed gratification is worth it.
  4. It forces me to relax. Bread won’t turn out well if you’re stressed out. So when I make it, I find myself taking more deep breaths, making a conscious effort to calm down and enjoy the process before me.
  5. Homemade loaves of bread are beautiful. 

This afternoon’s therapy: 4 loaves of rosemary bread.


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  1. No bread machine, right? What’s your recipe for the rosemary bread? How do you bake– in a dutch oven? The loaves are quite beautiful. 🙂

    • I had a bread machine for awhile, but I enjoy making it by hand so much more. When my machine broke, I just didn’t bother to replace it. I usually bake it on a stone in the oven. This is a very basic recipe for rosemary bread–flour, salt, water, and rosemary. That’s the other thing I love about making bread–it costs pennies to make because it calls for so few ingredients! If you have a white bread recipe you already like, you could use that recipe and just add a couple tablespoons of chopped fresh rosemary to it.


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