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Radnor Lake

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It’s an absolutely gorgeous day outside. After days and days of rain and mugginess, the kids and I were so happy to have some cool, breezy weather. We spent the morning exploring at Radnor Lake. The kids had never been there before. Emmie whined about pretty much everything (to be fair she did a lot more walking than her weenie little brother), and Gareth was just completely joyous and excited about it all. He kept shouting, “More water!” (Yes, Son, it’s a lake trail. There’s water…the entire time.)

Several wise mothers of sons have told me boys need lots of time outside, and they’re right. Gareth was relaxed and in his element the whole time we were there. And as for Emmeline, whining aside, she was a trooper, and she did have fun (part of the time), but it was clearly not as reviving for her as it was for her brother.







Every time I visit Radnor lake, I feel so thankful that we live just a couple of miles away from someplace this beautiful.


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  1. Mawmaw (Connie)

    So precious…. Well, some of us females enjoy our creature comforts…. Love, Mawmaw


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