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Weekly update vol. 2

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We said goodbye to our dog this weekend. My allergies had gotten to the point where we couldn’t keep her anymore. And since she was really meant to be my dog, and I couldn’t enjoy her, we had a one way relationship where we put food in her bowl and she stayed outside all the time. Then the kids got their swing set, and they couldn’t be outside the same time as the dog, plus I caught her chewing on their swings. It was not a good situation for anyone. I cried, but honestly I’m relieved because when you can’t love on your pet, it’s just a burden to have them hanging around. She’s with a family now who has another dog to keep her company and a couple of (older than ours) kids, and Tweedle will be much happier there. 

But if Emmeline asks (she still hasn’t yet!), Tweedle is visiting her Mommy. We didn’t want her around when Tweedle got picked up because we knew it would be so hard for her, and since then it’s pretty much just been out of sight out of mind. She hasn’t even asked about Tweedle. In fact, she still tells people she has a dog. I’m thankful she’s so clueless. 

Josh: Mowed the backyard this weekend. He’s painting some little plastic zombies (the figurines from our new favorite game, Last Night on Earth), and I’ve lost count of how many fantasy football leagues he has joined at this point. Now that he’s through with his Masters degree and his internship hours, his hobbies aren’t the point of contention they once were. It’s hard to make time for your kids, your wife, and yourself when you have literally no spare time. Now that he’s got a normal work schedule again we can actually enjoy spending time by ourselves without resenting each other. 

Emmeline: Went to see her first movie in a movie theater on Saturday! She and I went to see Epic at the dollar cinema. She loved it. I thought it was cute, but I would have rewritten the ending. Unfortunately, Hollywood has still not hired me to edit their scripts for them, so I don’t get consulted. Boo. 

Gareth: Still wants to visit “Noona” (Chattanooga), but for now he’s excited about going to see “Telsey” play ball this Friday. Wanna take bets on how long he lasts in the stands before he throws a tantrum about not being allowed to join in the game? His new favorite game to play is “Tickball” which is baseball. But you have to be careful because at this point he’s better at hitting heads than baseballs. We’re still working on that. He’s also obsessed with car rides. He’s going to be my, “Where are we going today?” child. 

Me: I’m learning to crochet. I tried knitting and never cared for it, but crocheting is easier to get the hang of since it’s only one hook instead of two needles. Also, I think the stitches are prettier. I want to learn how to make those adorable little amigurumi animals! Crocheted stuffed animals are too cute. I bought a Craftsy class when it went on sale, and watching the videos has made learning not easy (learning a new skill is never easy!) but simple and non-stressful. 


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