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Weekly Update vol 4

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I’m pretty sure it’s been more than a week. Maybe I should re-title it “Bi-weekly update.” The days go buy quickly when you’re taking care of little ones. I often find myself wondering what people who don’t have kids do with all their extra time. I don’t remember having extra time before kids, but I must have, right? Because I’m definitely busier now.

For me, and Emmie, and Gareth, every day this week has been almost exactly the same. That’s how you can tell it’s been a good week. There’s  more peace in the house when everyone knows exactly what to expect. It has also been a rainy week, and something about rainy weather makes me more tired and the kids more hyper. Yesterday was a long day with lost tempers all around.

Emmie: Loves making to-do lists, being a helper, and doing things her way (for better or worse…usually worse). She and I have been having fun doing fall crafts. We made a card for each set of grandparents, and we made clay pumpkins, which can’t dry fast enough for Emmie. She’s ready to paint them. She’s been great about helping with chores this week, and since the kids have helped me keep the house clean, I’m taking them to Goodwill today to go shopping.

Gareth: Loves “going potty” (he climbs up on the toilet, we get halfway through our potty song–Little Bunny Foo Foo–and then he climbs down.Repeat every time Sissy goes to the bathroom),  doing crafts (he gets a lot of help), and his new diaper cover. I wanted to try out a wool cover, but they’re super expensive so I figured out how to make one. It really is magical! Even as full of mistakes as it is, his bed is never wet when he gets up in the morning, and his bottom doesn’t show one sign of irritation from wetness either. All I have to do is turn it inside out, and within minutes any odor is gone. It’s so soft, that Gareth fusses when I take it off of him.

Me: I’ve been trying to read through the Bible this year, and I’ve mostly stuck with it, although I’ve had to play catch up quite a few times. I got super bogged down in Ezekiel though. It’s a very frustrating, depressing book. I kept thinking, “God, the Israelites obviously aren’t getting it! Maybe you should try a different tactic!” and, “Can’t I just go back and read Psalms again?” It felt like I was reading the same thing over and over. I’m just proud of myself for sticking with it and getting all the way through it.


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  1. i’ve been reading through the bible too–my goal was to do it in one year, but it has taken me two years. i should finish this december though! i hadn’t ever read through the bible cover to cover before, and it really surprised me how many things i hadn’t ever heard preached on much before and how the books play off each other in sequence.

    • This is my first time through as well, and it has been full of surprises! Books I thought I’d dread I ended up really enjoying, and books I was looking forward to reading I ended up struggling through. Overall though, it’s been good for me to re-learn this discipline.


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