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Happy 2014

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I haven’t blogged in a while because I got busy with Christmas. I crocheted several presents for the kids (and I’m still working on Josh’s German Panzer tank slippers, which just may be the death of me). It left little time for other hobbies. I enjoy crocheting, mostly because it lets me think I’m sitting still without actually having to sit still, but the main reason we made presents this year was just to save on money, so don’t be too impressed with me.

Emmie is turning five this May, so we’re easing into kindergarten slowly. She got several new schoolbooks for Christmas. Doing school, which at this point takes about an hour total, is probably one of her favorite things to do. I haven’t even given her all of her new books yet. As a reward for finishing a school lesson, I’ll get out another new book for her. It’s brilliant. If she never learns anything her whole life and just always stays this excited about learning new things, then I will be a happy mom. She also got her first chapter books–Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. I’ve always loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and Emmie’s been really getting into them with me now. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle has got to be some kind of cultural prophet. Who needs Parenting Your Child with Love and Logic when you have Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s brilliant cures? Also, when I was kid I used to dream about living in an upside down house.

Changing the subject now. I have ticks and habits and things I say to the kids much more than I realize I do, but spending all day at home with them, apparently I’ve rubbed off on them more than I knew, and the results are usually pretty entertaining. They’re both obsessed with certain things being clean–with Gareth it’s his hands, and with Emmeline it’s her teeth (the dreaded “sugarbugs”). The other day the two of them were playing superheroes and villains, and this was how the game went:

Gareth: I’ll save you! Oh no! I’m dirty!
Emmeline: The sugarbug is coming, the sugarbug is coming!

Can’t you see the graphic novel now? Mr. Clean battles his fatal enemies: germs and cavities.


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  1. Glad you are back to blogging. Just as I’ve missed your mom’s, I’ve missed yours also. Glad you are both back. Happy 2014, Love Mawmaw

  2. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is a genius!


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