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Who knew not knowing a dog’s birthdate could cause so much drama?

We got Tweedle from someone who got her from a shelter. She was born sometime in April, but you can see why we’re not clear on her exact birthday. But she is a dog. It’s not like we’re going to be throwing her a party once a year or anything. No big deal.

Except apparently it is. Kind of. I remain unconvinced. We took Tweedle to get shots two weeks ago. We were informed that she was probably about 14 weeks old and could come back in two weeks to get her rabies shot. So today we took her back for her rabies shot and were informed that she was probably about 14 weeks old and could come back in two weeks for her rabies shot.

Deja Vu.

I threw a tiny, polite little fit about it. I think the nurse felt sorry for me because I was at the vet’s office with a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and a very energetic little puppy. That or she just didn’t want to have to see all 3 of us again in two weeks because we’re kind of a handful–albeit a cute handful. But she asked the vet and got permission to give Tweedle her shot today. We’re all home now. Vaccinated, napping, and happy.

And now that I know–thanks to the vet’s office–that you are allowed to pick a birthday for your dog seemingly arbitrarily, I think I’ll keep changing Tweedle’s birthday so she just stays 14 weeks forever. Or if I get tired of having a puppy I can always pick an earlier birthdate. Maybe tomorrow I’ll decide that she was born two years ago. It works, right?

So tomorrow, if you come visit us, you can see our two-year old dog. Because Tweedle will be two tomorrow, she will be a very calm, housetrained adult dog. I am going to decide that too.

And next time we get a puppy I’m going to make up a birthday for it before we take it to the vet for the first time. Lesson learned.