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Happy Friday!

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I for one, am excited it’s the weekend because I’m going out tonight. I can’t wait to catch up with a college friend over dinner. Going out also means I have a reason to take a real shower and fix my hair, which is very exciting. Of course, that’s dependent on Emmeline actually taking her nap, which looks iffy right now.

While the rest of the world was bullying each other about chicken, I found a few good blog posts about motherhood I thought I’d share. Girl Talk is doing a series on the mother’s role and avoiding distractions online. You know, distractions kind of like this blog post I’m writing right now. Apparently I enjoyed the series but not enough to be too convicted by it. You can read the series here: Girl Talk Blog.

I also enjoyed reading Jim Hamilton’s “A Biblical Theology of Motherhood” which you can find here: A Biblical Theology of Motherhood

Here’s a taste of Hamilton’s article:

If the woman does not become a mother, the serpent will not have his head crushed. God’s justice against the woman, pain in childbearing (Gen 3:16), makes triumph difficult but not impossible. Motherhood makes the world’s salvation possible. Indeed, the world’s salvation will only come through motherhood. 

This side of the curses narrated in Genesis 3:14-19, motherhood is a mercy. Promised to none, none deserve it; none have earned it. None can justly expect or demand to experience it. Death was deserved, and God upheld justice but also extended the mercy of motherhood. Motherhood is a sacred privilege granted by God’s good pleasure. 

And now since it seems my little blessings are finally asleep, it’s time for that shower.


These kiddos

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Bring the biggest smile to my face.

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Those pictures are from our family pictures that Jonathan Howard of Perch Photography fame took for us this August. We think Jonathan is fabulous and will happily sing his praises to the rooftops if you’re ever looking for a good photographer in the Nashville area. We’ve also taken to calling him the baby whisperer because he was so good with Gareth. And Emmeline…well you’d never know it from the adorable pictures he took, but she was in a foul mood that afternoon.

Emmie Day

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I am pooped. We dubbed today “The All About Emmie Fun Day” or “Emmie Day” for short. We left the house at 11 am and stayed out through lunch and naps. Yes, today, I was in fine form. Emmie Day began with lots of lunch-spoiling candy, then it took us to Kid to Kid consignment store, where Emmie got a pair of princess pajamas (flannel for wintertime), a red corduroy jumper, and two bows. She doesn’t like wearing bows, but she sure loves picking them out. I haven’t given up hope yet. Sir G. also got a jacket. It had knights and castles on it, and since we stole his name from this guy, how could I resist?

Then we headed on over to Monkey’s Treehouse, for lunch and two solid hours of playtime. If you’ve never been to Monkey’s Treehouse, let me set the scene for you. When you were a kid, did you ever have a friend whose house looked like a Toys R Us franchise? Were you that kid? If you were, it’s OK; no hard feelings–assuming you learned to share eventually. Well, Monkey’s Treehouse is essentially that kids house, and for a small fee they will let you play with all of their toys and crawl all over their indoor playground. Now you see why Emmie likes it? Plus they have picnic tables and let you bring your lunch in, so mommies like it too. We met a friend named Keeley while we were there. She was two and a big sister, just like Emmie. Having similar personalities, they spent most of “playtime” bossing each other around and fighting over toys. It made me feel better to be reminded that Emmie is not the only strong-willed, bossy child out there. For the record, there was some good sharing action too.

And here’s a secret about “Emmie Day” rules. You can still run mommy errands, because if they involve a piece of candy and a stroller ride, then they’re fun too! So I spent my $5 DSW birthday certificate (I bought a clutch. It was on sale already, so I only spent $5. Woot!), and I did Josh a favor and stopped by this place to pick up a belated birthday present that he never had time to get for me. I know, I’m such a sweet, self-sacrificing wife.

After we pulled away from Schakolad to go pick up Josh from work, Emmie was in the back seat shouting “No Daddy! More Emmie Day!” So I’m pretty sure today was a success, which is good because tomorrow is “It’s-Mommy’s-last-day-at-home-before-she-goes-back-to-work-so-she-has-to-catch-up-on-housework Day.” Not quite as much fun.

Oh, and where was Gareth during all the Emmie Day fun? Riding happily in his Ergo, eating and sleeping to his little heart’s content.

Hangin’ out at the treehouse: (Bonus points to you if you know that reference!)