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Weekly Update vol 4

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I’m pretty sure it’s been more than a week. Maybe I should re-title it “Bi-weekly update.” The days go buy quickly when you’re taking care of little ones. I often find myself wondering what people who don’t have kids do with all their extra time. I don’t remember having extra time before kids, but I must have, right? Because I’m definitely busier now.

For me, and Emmie, and Gareth, every day this week has been almost exactly the same. That’s how you can tell it’s been a good week. There’s  more peace in the house when everyone knows exactly what to expect. It has also been a rainy week, and something about rainy weather makes me more tired and the kids more hyper. Yesterday was a long day with lost tempers all around.

Emmie: Loves making to-do lists, being a helper, and doing things her way (for better or worse…usually worse). She and I have been having fun doing fall crafts. We made a card for each set of grandparents, and we made clay pumpkins, which can’t dry fast enough for Emmie. She’s ready to paint them. She’s been great about helping with chores this week, and since the kids have helped me keep the house clean, I’m taking them to Goodwill today to go shopping.

Gareth: Loves “going potty” (he climbs up on the toilet, we get halfway through our potty song–Little Bunny Foo Foo–and then he climbs down.Repeat every time Sissy goes to the bathroom),  doing crafts (he gets a lot of help), and his new diaper cover. I wanted to try out a wool cover, but they’re super expensive so I figured out how to make one. It really is magical! Even as full of mistakes as it is, his bed is never wet when he gets up in the morning, and his bottom doesn’t show one sign of irritation from wetness either. All I have to do is turn it inside out, and within minutes any odor is gone. It’s so soft, that Gareth fusses when I take it off of him.

Me: I’ve been trying to read through the Bible this year, and I’ve mostly stuck with it, although I’ve had to play catch up quite a few times. I got super bogged down in Ezekiel though. It’s a very frustrating, depressing book. I kept thinking, “God, the Israelites obviously aren’t getting it! Maybe you should try a different tactic!” and, “Can’t I just go back and read Psalms again?” It felt like I was reading the same thing over and over. I’m just proud of myself for sticking with it and getting all the way through it.


Weekly update: Ballet, bats, batter, bargains

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Emmeline:  Started ballet last Saturday! She has already made two little friends, Kennedy and Jezreel, and I had a nice conversation with Kennedy’s mom. I know Emmeline is so happy to have her own big girl class to go to and to be making friends with girls her own age. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of her first ballet picture and my first ballet recital picture. We’re about the same age here:

Emmie's first day of "ballet school." I just love this girl. She's the greatest.

Emmie’s first day of “ballet school.” I just love this girl. She’s the greatest.

My first ballet recital. Feel free to tell me how cute I was. Those ears itched.

My first ballet recital. Feel free to tell me how cute I was. Those ears itched.

Gareth: He’s been my little baking helper. Bread dough, muffin batter, you name it, and he wants to lick the bowl. Lately when I correct him for disobeying he looks up at me with big, sad, blue eyes and says, “Hard, Momma.” Makes me want to scoop him up and give him a cookie. Then I remember I was supposed to be punishing him and realize I’ve been played. He loves to play “tickball” and doesn’t acknowledge any other kind of sport right now. He’s just all about the baseball. He was very excited to go see his Aunt Kelsey play ball until he realized it wasn’t “tickball.” And yesterday the car battery died, and Gareth went inside, found two of his toy tools, and came to the front door, very business like, saying, “Work now.  Mommy car.”

Joshua: The more he looks for jobs the less it looks like he’ll find that job in Nashville. But, God has used this job search to help Josh clarify the career path he really wants to take. So much has changed over the last two years–when we bought this house we really thought we’d be in Nashville for the next 10-20 years. The Lord obviously has different plans for us. Who knows where we may end up. I’m praying for somewhere close to friends and/or family.

Me: I found a brand new Columbia Sportswear coat at Goodwill for $15! And it was the exact color I’d have picked out for myself if I’d bought it new. I saw the same coat on sale today online and it was “marked down” to $100, so I felt pretty good about my find. And I finally found a non-dairy coffee creamer recipe that isn’t awful. I’m attempting to crochet Gareth a wool diaper cover. The pattern looks easy; I have no idea if it will work. If it doesn’t work, I’m only out about $6, and if it does work, then I have a thrifty, fun way to make all-night soakers for Gareth and/or any other future babies who might need them. Some friends were so sweet to bless us with some diapers, so he doesn’t really need any right now. This project is purely for my own enjoyment.

And here’s a bonus picture of Mr. Cool Dude Gareth in his natural habitat (no clothes on and riding his toy plane):

He basically only wears clothes out in public.

He basically only wears clothes out in public.

Weekly Update vol.1

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I have a friend who writes a “Weekly Miscellany” post on her blog, and I’m stealing the idea from her because it’s such a nice way to get caught up on everything her family is up to. Also our computer broke, so for a while I couldn’t blog, but then someone loaned us one to use. So now that we have a computer I can write again, but I got out of the habit. Once I stop writing for a while I never know where to start again.

This week Aunt Kiki/Tay-tay (depending on which child is talking) came to visit. She’s lots of fun, and now that she’s gone Emmeline has refused to change out of the pajamas Aunt Kiki put on her the night before she left, and Gareth keeps coloring pictures for Aunt Tay-tay and telling me we need to get in “Mommy car” to bring them to her.

Josh: Is furiously applying for jobs everywhere. He got one interview last week, which was very encouraging for him. But while he was in school we were using extra money from his student loans to make ends meet. Now that he’s not in school and hasn’t gotten a better job yet, we’re really struggling financially, and he feels the weight of that most of all. If you pray, please pray for Josh! He needs peace right now.

Me: There’s a sort of infertility to looking for employment in that it’s a lot of waiting, it’s mostly out of your control, and eventually it starts to seem like everyone else is getting job transfers and promotions except you. I’ve lost count of how many jobs Josh has applied for so far. Somewhere between 60-100 I think. We’ll just keep praying and waiting. He’ll get the job God wants him to have when God wants him to have it. Meanwhile I need to find someone to vent to besides Josh. I’ve developed this attitude of, “Sure, apply for ___ job. You’re probably not going to get it though because someone else will have more experience than you.” Just the sort of encouragement your husband needs to hear when he’s down about his employment search. I struggle with feelings of embarrassment when it comes to how little money we actually have–as though it’s some sort of reflection on our character. Josh constantly reminds me that we’re both very hard workers, and we’ve done all we can. When this season of life is over I’m sure we’ll be thankful for everything the Lord taught us during this time.

Emmeline: Just got registered for ballet lessons! There’s a studio in Nashville run by a Christian woman who offers tuition on a sliding scale, so we can afford it. She’s been asking for dance lessons for a while, but they’re just so expensive! She’s super excited. She also loves doing school in her workbook. Bless her little oldest-daughter temperament. School was made for children like her. She loves math and counting the best, and when she went with me to my allergy doctor appointment, it made a huge impact on her to see a female doctor. Emmie loved the books about body parts and the models of asthmatic airways, and now she wants her own body part book to go with her Doc McStuffins doctor kit.

Gareth: Loves to help me bake bread. He’s mostly in it for the samples of raw bread dough. I’m not sure how that stuff tastes good to him, but he scrapes the bowl with both hands, so he obviously likes it. Earlier this week he peed in his diaper, walked into the bathroom, took his diaper off, and climbed up on the toilet. I walked in to see what was going on because there was so much noise, and he shouted, “No! Mommy! Go!” Apparently he wanted some privacy. I’m hoping this will mean he potty trains early! That would be a huge relief for me since we’re laughably under-supplied on cloth diapers and wipes.